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We offer many services to meet your waste management needs. 

We will custom design your monitoring and remediation plan to fit your specific requirements, providing all documents and services needed for full agency approval​.

  • Site Assessment Investigations

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Landfill Monitoring

  • Investigation and Remediation

  • Site Closure

We will implement and maintain your monitoring and remediation plan, installing any necessary equipment, conducting all sampling, and submitting required reports to your regulatory agency:

  • Monitoring Well Installations

  • Gas Well/Vent Installations

  • Sampling and Analysis

    • Landfill Gas

    • Leachate

    • Surface Water

    • Vadose Zone

    • Groundwater

  • Environmental Monitoring Reports

  • Site Conceptual Models

  • Other Required Reports & Plans

Call or email us to get started today!

2540 Zanella Way #40
Chico, CA 95928

Tel: 530-342-6958
Fax: 530-342-2874
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