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Glenn County Landfill

Landfill, Groundwater, and Surface Water Sampling & Analysis

Project Description

H&A provides sampling and testing of groundwater and surface water at the site, under order by the RWQCB to assess any degradation of ground and surface water from a Class III landfill. Quarterly groundwater sampling of 10 monitoring wells and surface water runoff sampling at White Cabin Creek is performed in accordance with the RWQCB monitoring and reporting program 95-161. Intra-well comparisons are performed to evaluate groundwater quality as specified in the monitoring and reporting program 95-161.

Additional services provided to Glenn County include Storm Water Annual Reporting, Vadose zone monitoring, soil gas monitoring, landfill structure gas monitoring, monitoring well assessments, abandonments, and installations. Recent groundwater monitoring well installation activities utilized ResonantSonic drilling technology capable of providing 4" diameter continuous soil cores to a depth of 170 feet below ground surface. Borehole geophysical logs were completed using spontaneous potential (SP), 16/64 normal resistivity, point resistance, and natural gamma. Nested groundwater monitoring wells were constructed to monitor the complex hydrogeological conditions encountered beneath the landfill.

Through these services, Glenn County Landfill has been able to remain in full compliance with regulatory requirements and avoid penalties and fines.

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