Civil-Environmental Engineering



A Minor Leak - This is what a minor leak in a typical ammonia refrigeration system looks like.

A Major Leak - This is what a major ammonia leak looks like.  This video gives you a good idea just how quickly an ammonia cloud can spread.  Keep in mind that this happened on a nearly windless day.  It could move much faster going with the wind.

What You Should Do - This is a good example of what should be done in case a leak is discovered:

-Stay clear of the plume.

-Identify the source.

-Secure the area.

-Call it in.

-Clear out.

What You Should NOT Do - This is an unfortunate example of what should NOT be done in case a leak is discovered.  The officer, seeing someone down, did not wait for properly equiped backup.

An Example of Burns - Because of our familarity with household ammonia, many of us feel that, as long as we hold our breath, we'll be alright for just a minute, helping a buddy or closing a valve.  This video illustrates that anhydrous ammonia reacts with the water in the skin to cause severe chemical burns.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VIEW THIS VIDEO.  It is included for your information only, to prevent you from making a dangerous and painfull mistake. (It also shows the proper equipment for dealing with an ammonia leak.)