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*The information on this page is a summary for quick reference only and may not represent the latest standards.  For complete and up-to-date information, see each counties official website.

Sutter County Setback Requirements

For a graphical representation of Sutter County setback requirements:


Summary of Specific Requirements For Gravity Systems

for Single Family Dwellings*

The following is in addition to the items listed on the FAQ page for Gravity System Requirements.


  • Maximum Slope: 30%


  • Vertical Separation: 5' to Water Table


  • Sidewall-to-Sidewall Separation: 7' (may allow 4’ for 24” wide trench)


  • Trench Length:  100'


  • Bottom Width: 12" to 36"


  • Trench Depth: 6" to 24"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Minimum of 2" of gravel over drain lateral, and 6" under.


  • Soil cover to extend 5' beyond drainfield with max 3:1 grade


  • Maximum drop of 1" in 100' for drain lateral.


  • Field sizes should be based on: 150 gal/day/bedroom 


  • Minimum septic tank capacity is 1000 gal.; 1500 gal. for 3-4 bedrooms; 2000 gal. for 5-6 bedrooms; 250 per additional bedroom.




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