Skyway Meadows Paradise, CA
Civil-Environmental Engineering
Engineering of Wastewater System, Report Waste Discharge, Onsite Groundwater Testing
Project Description:

Haling & Associates (H&A) provided professional engineering services for the preparation of an engineered system for wastewater treatment and disposal at the property located at 6930 and 6970 Skyway, Paradise, CA

The Town of Paradise Planning Commission approved tentative maps submitted in August 2004 under the condition that onsite wastewater and disposal system satisfy the Town requirements.  The tentative maps provided preliminary layout details of the proposed improvements which included 13 lots for new townhouses, 1 lot for a new restaurant, 1 lot for an existing bank and 1 lot for a community septic system. 

The scope of engineering services was for preparation of plans for an engineered wastewater system.  Based on tentative plan layout as depicted in the April 2004 drawings, the new-engineered wastewater system proposed consisted of a gravity sewer collection system, community septic tank, Orenco Adantex treatment system and community leachfields.  In addition, a Report of Waste Discharge was prepared and submitted to the RWQCB for the adoption of Waste Discharge Requirements. 


The design plans showed the layout and general site features along with the proposed new system.  The design phase of this project included additional onsite percolation tests and analysis of nitrogen loadings to the groundwater as directed by the Town of Paradise Sanitary Official.  Information required for the Report of Waste Discharge (RWD) including documentation of CEQA approval by the Town of Paradise and the proposed community home owner’s association.