Former Firestone Beacon
Red Bluff, CA
Civil-Environmental Engineering
Site Investigations, Remediation & Monitoring
Project Description:

H&A was retained to address groundwater pollution associated with an underground storage tank at the facility in Red Bluff CA known as the Former Firestone Beacon.  The site was historically used as a gasoline fueling station.  As often is the case, USTs can rust and develop leaks allowing the tanks’ contents to be released into the subsurface soil and/or groundwater. 


H&A’s scope of work includes the installation and monitoring of groundwater wells and the development of remedial action to cleanup fuel constituents.  The selected remedy is injection of oxygen into the shallow water table to enhance microbial growth to degrade hydrocarbons.  Oxygen is supplied utilizing ISOC technology.  Pollutant concentrations have declined.  Ongoing work and reporting in compliance with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board has allowed the client to maintain full reimbursement with the State Cleanup Fund Program.  Site closure or no further action is expected within 2 years.