High Valley, Lake County,  CA
Civil-Environmental Engineering
Brassfield Winery Wastewater Design
Project Description:

Brassfield Estates Vineyard sought the assistance of Haling & Associates to plan, design, and over-see installation of a new wastewater treatment system.  In order to establish a cost effective solution with respect to water quality and future expansion, the new design was an activated sludge treatment system with reclaimed water for irrigation purposes. This system consisted of two lined aeration ponds operating in series, followed by a clarifier, with discharge to irrigation fields.  A fraction of the activated sludge (mixed liquor suspended solids) from the clarifier will be returned to the aeration ponds.  The solids within the ponds remain suspended, allowing nearly all solids to be collected by the clarifier. The two-pond system provide redundancy and operational flexibility to address seasonal flow variations and rain water storage. This arrangement allowed both ponds to be utilized during maximum-flow and loading periods, or during off-season flows, one pond could be isolated and employed.

The new system was approved by the RWQCB through the issuance of Waste Discharge Requirements. Thunder Mountain Enterprises, Inc., a general engineering contracting firm specializing in soil and water management, completed the installation of the geosynthetic high density poly ethylene liner, including the quality control and quality assurance package. Construction was completed in the summer of 2006. Process start-up and operations of this new wastewater treatment system was an integral step to managing new growth at Brassfield Estates Vineyard.


The scenario described for Brassfield Estate Winery is increasingly the norm given the heightened sense of environmental awareness and increased environmental legislation in California.  However, growth should not be discouraged and proprietors should rest assure knowing that cost-effective and efficient wastewater management techniques are available for the independent entrepreneurs of California’s wine industry.


Haling & Associates can provide a customized solution to meet your specific waste water management challenges. The entire agriculture industry is being affected by increased environmental pressures and there are cost effective solutions to meet the new standards.