Beale Air Force Base, Pavement Repair, Marysville, CA
Civil-Environmental Engineering
A&E Services, Design Phase, Repair Pavements, Building 1200 Area
Project Description:

Haling & Associates, as part of  a design-build team,  provided engineering design services for the Repair Pavements, Building 1200 Area at Beale AFB, CA.  The project entailed the construction of new interconnections of two existing parking lots for the Building 1200 area.  This new construction consisted of paved roadway, curbs, gutters, and landscape.  There were drainage and local utilizes that had to be accommodated as well as the demolition of some existing structures and relocation of electrical power poles.  The work is segregated into two distinct phases; design and construction. 


H&A performed engineering design to produce constructible plans and specifications.  The design drawings included the following items:


1. Site plan of the project area.


2. New utility layouts showing connection points, drainage pipe sizes, routes for electrical, paved roadway alignment, curbs, gutters, and other similar utilities, and general equipment specifications.


3. Design drawings and specifications with 35% and 95% versions.  Design drawings were completed using ACAD 2000, converted into PDF format and follow Beale AFB conventional drawing standards.  Specifications will be compatible with Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) standards.


At the 95 % version, H&A met with the Base personnel to conduct a pre-final design review meeting.  Based on comments received therein, H&A revised the design and submitted the final (100%) design to the Base.  The goal was to provide quality service to help expedite the design phase such that an NTP for construction could be issued.  Construction was successfully completed.