Civil-Environmental Engineering


Haling & Associates offers a comprehensive range of integrated services to help clients deal with potential problems of waste treatment, remediation, and site closure. H&A's services encompass the full spectrum of environmental engineering including water and wastewater evaluations, designs, construction inspection, site investigations and assessments, and installation of soil and groundwater remediation systems, through final site closure.

Mr. Haling is Principal-in-Charge and Owner of Haling & Associates with over 25 years of experience in water quality control, wastewater collection and treatment, solid waste management, and hazardous waste site investigation and remediation. He is experienced in facilities planning, design, the preparation of plans and specifications, and permitting for water distribution systems and wastewater collection systems.  Mr. Haling has directed the design and implementation of numerous groundwater and surface water monitoring programs.

Project Management

Solid/Hazardous Waste Management

Wastewater Systems & Treatment

Industrial Facilities

H&A professionals manage, direct, and carefully execute each project task including:
-Environmental Planning Studies
-Detailed Design
-Construction Management
-Regulatory Compliance
-Engineering Oversight

-Site Assessment Investigations
-Chlorinated Solvent/Hydrocarbon
Investigation and Remediation
-Fractured Bedrock Investigations
-Treatment System Design
-Monitoring Well Installations
-Sampling and Analysis
-Regulatory Compliance

-Wastewater Facility Design
-Sewer Rehabilitation Design
-Water/Wastewater Extension
-Sewer System Evaluation Surveys
-Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) Studies
-Reclaimed Water Design
-Plans and Specifications

-Industrial Permitting
-Industrial Waste Pretreatment
-Catigorical Discharge Limits
-Regulatory Compliance/Negotiation
-Analyze Specific Treatment Needs
-Cost Effective and Proven Solutions